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The business case for performance testing

The performance and availability of applications are of great importance. The speed of an...
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Integrating APM tooling and IT Service Management (ITSM) systems

The number of organisations that still use Excel lists to keep track of incident reports is nil....
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Enhance your business performance with cloud

In this highly competitive market, it is essential to improve the company and gain a competitive...
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Why no IT manager can do without end-to-end monitoring

It sounds so logical; an application goes into production, and agreements are made with the...
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Checklist: Secure IT Behaviour for Your Employees

The threat from within According to EY, 60% of CIO's named careless or unaware employees as the...
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DevOps from ‘Day One’

At Sentia we're excited to help organizations successfully deliver projects. By including DevOps...
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Five Reasons for Cloud Endpoint Security

In a cloud orientated world, on-premises network security will no longer cut it for organizations....
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Multi-layered Security Defined

Threats evade traditional security barriers On-premises technology becomes overwhelmed by...
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