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A compliant public cloud environment does not have to be a utopia

Implementing and managing a public cloud environment can be a time-consuming task. Faced with a...
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How do you measure the Digital Employee Experience?

There’s a lack of visibility into the IT supply chain and it’s at the root of many challenges...
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Sentia acquires performance specialist Ymor

Sentia, specialized in designing and managing hybrid cloud architectures for mission critical...
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Any organization is the target of hacking attempts

Hacking is a professional industry The road to cyberattacks is all about finding the security...
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Performance testing: Anyone can do it, right?

We see it often in our practice: a development party delivers a software package on behalf of the...
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9 Steps to a predictable IT environment

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is the next step after Application Performance Management (APM)....
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APM versus ITOA: The difference

When it comes to grip and control on IT, management and IT departments experience a major...
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Load test, performance test, end-to-end test, system test – What to choose?

Many organisations are aware of the need to test an application before a go-live. Next to...
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