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SCANDLINES: flexibility from port to port

Sentia is responsible for hosting, operations, and technical consultancy at Scandlines. The...
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Hybrid cloud: the key to unlocking innovation

For software vendors, to deliver truly innovative modern applications and stay ahead of the...
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6 ways FSI companies can harness the power of data and analytics using the cloud

“Knowledge is power”, so they say. And in the world of financial services and insurance (FSI),...
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4 misconceptions about end-to-end monitoring

There are many misconceptions when it comes to monitoring the performance of applications....
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5 reasons why it’s time the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry should embrace modern cloud infrastructure

A complex regulatory landscape, combined with the availability of innovative new technologies, is...
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E-book "Move beyond compliance"

To ensure that financial service providers and insurance companies get the most out of their IT...
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E-book "Ignite the power of data"

Your organization also has an enormous amount of data. This data provides insights invaluable for...
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