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5 tips on how to optimize your cloud economy

What should you pay attention to when operating IT solutions in the cloud? What can you do yourself...
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Turning Cloud Compliance Challenges into Business Opportunities

We are seeing a growing number of companies across different industries who now see IT governance...
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Reasons why your IT security needs an assessment in 2020

The current threat landscape is not disappearing, and cybercriminals continue to find new...
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Express Bank: Application Performance Management

IT performance driving digital transformation The application performance management solution is...
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7 ways FSI companies can utilize data and analytics using the cloud

“Knowledge is power” so they say. And in the world of financial services and insurance (FSI), where...
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4 key considerations of cloud adoption for FSI companies

When financial services and insurance (FSI) companies consider moving to the cloud, a great deal of...
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Hybrid cloud: The best of both worlds

A road towards innovation with the control you demand A challenging market landscape means...
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