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E-book "Drive innovation by enhancing DevOps with hybrid cloud"

A challenging market means ISVs need to deliver innovative applications to their customers, quickly...
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On-premise is dead. Long live the datacenter

In recent years, traditional on-premise server rooms meet a slow death while the enormous data...
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Top 10 strategic IT-trends in 2020

Which way does the wind blow within strategic IT trends in 2020? Based on our latest market...
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Pets vs. cattle farming - how do you manage your IT operations

Pets or cattle farming has become a famous analogy for modern server operations in an age of cloud...
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Differences and advantages: Understanding AWS, Azure, and GCP

Dedicate 5 minutes to learn more about the advantages and differences between the three largest...
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Data lakes and data warehouses need one another

Many organisations assume that having a data lake means that there is no longer any need for a data...
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How to choose the right cloud model and strategy

Today, a well-considered cloud strategy is an important prerequisite for your company's digital...
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