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Top 10 Tips for Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes in
Cloud Strategies



Maximize the benefits of cloud services: develop a sound strategy 

A plan to migrate everything to the cloud, is not a great cloud strategy. But what is? After reviewing hundreds of cloud strategy documents, Gartner has identified the 10 most common mistakes seen in cloud strategies. In this research, Gartner explains how to avoid these and how to make sure you can take optimal advantage of cloud services.



Some key challenges:

Always transparant Many IT departments compromise the effectiveness of their cloud strategy by assuming that it concerns only IT
deploy solutions efficiently copy 11 Many organizations believe they don’t need an exit strategy because they don’t expect to bring anything back from the cloud
guaranteed performance during peaks Organizations often believe they have devised a cloud strategy when they have instead created a cloud implementation plan
Enhance Understanding Organisation Many organizations that haven’t devised a cloud strategy compound their mistake by believing it’s too late to create one because they’re already using cloud computing

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Gartner, top 10 tips for avoiding the most common mistakes in cloud strategies, by analist David Smith, published 21 May 2020.


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