AltaPay completes intense public cloud transformation with Sentia

17 October 2022

AltaPay A/S is a fintech company headquartered in Denmark. AltaPayoffers an international omnichannel payment solution for online, mobile, and in-store; creating transparency and reducing the need for manual tasks with one centralized payment platform. AltaPays platform automizes, simplifies, and protects the transaction flow for shop owners and global retail and e-commerce companies, supporting and integrating smoothly into the major ERP systems.

AltaPays software makes tremendous impact for international e-commerce companies, including some of the largest Nordic webshops, to meet high and fluctuating customer demand. These customers have high expectations for supreme customer service 24/7, not the least on special occasions, during high impact seasonality, or during campaigns. Being able to quickly scale resources during peak workloads is a key element of AltaPays business model who wanted to take advantage of public cloud benefits.

Facing not only a very extensive but also an urgent task; the complete transformation of both infrastructure as well as business-critical workloads from a private cloud to a public cloud solution, where high compliance levels are an absolute necessity; a close engagement was required.

“We chose Sentia as the strategic cloud partner for our full-scale public cloud transformation as they, in our close dialogue, were able to demonstrate sincerity and transparency unlike no other. Our deadlines for this key project were very ambitious, and we wanted to act fast, which required our partner to reflect agility and show the flexibility needed to deliver. We appreciate both the deep technical insight and precise advisory of Sentia.” - Esteban Michalowski, CTO hos AltaPay

A very close and open collaboration around AltaPays core business model and high compliance requirements to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) formed the solid foundation for strategy and planning of how to proceed with specific environments and individual workloads. Through an intensive process characterized by heavy time pressure and short deadlines, Sentia’s and AltaPay’s team worked in unison designing and transforming the complete infrastructure behind the full production environment into an AWS architecture, including 150 virtual machines and the modernization of selected SQL databases.

“Our situation required an ‘all hands on deck’ approach as well as in-depth knowledge of our services. I am very proud to now be able to say that we, together with Sentia in a true partnership, were able to accomplish our complete transformation to AWS."
- Esteban Michalowski, CTO hos AltaPay

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