From retailers to local councils: insight into the full business chain

1 July 2022

The success of most organizations relies on good partnerships. A hospital depends on reliable vendors to maintain its MRIs, whereas concert venue partners need to allocate scalable staff for big events. However, within the existing IT system, it can be difficult to gain sufficient knowledge of all of the IT processes that affect your organization. How do you achieve control over the entire business chain?

Agnostic monitoring

Within the organization's own operations, it is relatively easy to control which applications your employees and customers use. If the organization chooses a new payroll administrator, HR only needs to send out an email to the users. The same goes for the roll-out of a software update with improved integration of the intranet into the Cloud platform.

But how can a retailer also get reliable information about inventory tracking status in franchise stores? And can the city government avoid an overloaded service desk thanks to immediate feedback on erroneously addressed voting ballots? These are just a few examples. To gain full insight into the data of all relevant business processes, including those outside the office doors, "technology-agnostic" end-to-end monitoring is essential.


For large online stores, gaining insight into the entire IT chain has been a challenging task for years. Well-known cloud platforms like AWS Cloud and Azure Cloud provide valuable data but are limited to their own system. By opting for overarching monitoring which integrates with any platform, your partners and suppliers don't all have to conform to the same system. A good Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) strategy is applicable to all systems and acts as the glue between all parties, ensuring that processes are continually transparent.


Automated optimization

Apart from observability, DEM also yields data-driven answers to a wide variety of optimization questions. "Are there performance bottlenecks in the chain that result in me losing customers?" "Can I reduce the time my employees spend processing incidents?" The amount of data that can be extracted is endless. Subsequently, you can assign triggers to the information. For example, outbound requests for temporary workers could automatically scale along with predetermined numbers of tickets sold.

Since DEM integrations run continuously, you can perform tests 24/7 and immediately respond to incidents. In time, you will also be able to automatize common incidents "away". Once it becomes clear when a delay arises in the processing time of orders at the supplier side, you can automatically adjust the stated delivery time of affected products on your website. All of this contributes to an improved customer experience.


How do you ask the right questions?

However, the vast availability of data can also be seen as an obstacle. To benefit from the many advantages that process monitoring can bring, it is essential to have a well-defined strategy to align your KPIs with. This requires thorough knowledge of the variables, inside and outside the organization, that influence the data. In addition, ensure that it is clear from the outset not only how you will interpret the large quantities of data, but also that the follow-up on the reports is well-managed.

A correctly designed monitoring dashboard allows managers and teams to read the information they need in one glance. This gives an organization the power to align its processes and technology. The objective measurements also make it easier to hold partners and suppliers accountable and jointly make data-driven decisions. Digital Experience Monitoring therefore not only contributes to insight, but it also forms a reliable foundation for continuous optimization of the organization. From the IT department to far beyond.


Curious to find out what Digital Experience Monitoring can achieve within your organization? Sentia can help you create a complete picture of your application chains and processes, and has helped customers across all industries to develop a successful monitoring strategy. Request the 3D DEM Assessment here or contact our experts.

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