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A safe and long-term cloud migration with the Well-Architected Framework

A safe and long-term cloud migration To guarantee that your cloud migration has a long-term perspective, it requires a well t...

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INFARE: Professional AWS solution with high security level

Infare provides complex analyses and reports to airlines, airports, and booking agencies around the world. They collect and v...

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Lely: leading the way in industrial change

As an international family business in the agricultural sector, Lely spends every day making farmers’ lives easier with innov...

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Sentia enters partnership with Google

New certification strengthens Sentia's position as a challenger to key players in multi- and hybrid cloud solutions. Sentia h...

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People the weakest link in data security

That’s old news of course, it’s an issue that’s been highlighted for years. Then how come it's still the case today? More imp...

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Paper Cloud Migration Essentials

How do you use your most critical IT system as a data source for end-to-end insights? Make the black box transparent.   In re...

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What is the Sentia Landing Zones Console?

IT developments follow each other in rapid succession, as do new products and solutions. This section briefly explains what a...

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NoOps simply doesn’t exist - or does it?

It sounds like music to every IT manager's ears: a cloud infrastructure, automated in such a way that administrators no longe...

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