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Case study: AZ Maria Middelares

AZ Maria Middelares is a modern Ghent hospital. In 2015, it modernised its entire compound to meet...
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Case study: Nuffic

Operating on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Foreign...
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Case study: Lease Plan Bank

LeasePlan Bank (LPB) is a Netherlands-based consumer savings bank. Their business is conducted...
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A path to digital transformation

A step-by-step model to optimize the IT infrastructure of financial services and insurance...
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How digital transformation enforce the green agenda

A robust business and IT infrastructure combined with agility, freedom of maneuver, and scalability...
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Migration to the cloud: strategy makes the desired situation a reality

A successful cloud journey is not just about technology, above all, it’s about people and...
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There’s no architecture without a good foundation

A good foundation is indispensable for any project where safety and reliability are fundamental....
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What is the Sentia Landing Zones Console?

IT developments follow each other in rapid succession, as do new products and solutions. This...
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Case study: Gantner

Gantner offers complete ticketing systems for cultural heritage, museums, theatres, amusement...
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Case study: runs one of the largest Dutch online Malls; its assortment counts around 25 Million...
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