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Tim Roelse

Tim Roelse

Tim Roelse, Managing Consultant at Sentia, is a diverse IT professional holding an extensive career covering engineering, consultan-cy, architecture, and trusted advisory. With a multi-faceted background rooted within several IT landscape areas combined with a strong business-minded view, organizations value his unique ability to identify the best approaches and solutions to complex IT-related business challenges. Tim is recognized for helping organizations in any industry achieve their goals for innovative IT projects, mission-critical applications & DevOps-minded processes that need a compliant, robust, elastic, and secure IT platform as a solid foundation.

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Cloud governance driven by purpose, people and technology

Cloud governance and community consensus are important functions of your Cloud Center of...
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Migration to the cloud: strategy makes the desired situation a reality

A successful cloud journey is not just about technology, above all, it’s about people and...
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There’s no architecture without a good foundation

A good foundation is indispensable for any project where safety and reliability are fundamental....
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What is the Sentia Landing Zones Console?

IT developments follow each other in rapid succession, as do new products and solutions. This...
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A compliant public cloud environment does not have to be a utopia

Implementing and managing a public cloud environment can be a time-consuming task. Faced with a...
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