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Sentia helps future-proof on AWS is the largest soccer news website in Denmark, with a focus on national and international...
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PERFION: New business opportunities with Azure

A modern Azure architecture opens up a new market
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Express Bank: Application Performance Management

IT performance driving digital transformation The application performance management solution is...
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SCANDLINES: flexibility from port to port

Sentia is responsible for hosting, operations, and technical consultancy at Scandlines. The...
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Ekspress bank: Use IT-Performance to drive digital transformation

How Ekspress bank uses IT-Performance to drive digital transformation Ekspres bank drives digital...
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EDC: "We know we've acquired the best solution."

When 60-70 percent of all purchases of houses begin on the Internet, a real estate chain must rely...
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BOLIGA: Availability and fast response times are crucial

As one of Denmark's most frequently visited websites, Boliga needs to get a good experience with...
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BERRY SUPERFOS: Essential requirements made the outcome

"Berry Superfos and Sentia* have many common values, and this is one of the reasons why we feel in...
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