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Five trends we are currently following

Which trends are presently surfacing when both private companies and the public sector in Denmark...
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Does your cloud strategy have a blind spot?

As more and more organizations are implementing the cloud successfully, its economic benefits and...
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IT chain monitoring: Costs versus benefits

For most organisations, IT downtime is not something they can afford. Despite that, it’s not always...
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What APM software do I need?

That a bad IT performance is disastrous for the success of an organization does not require any...
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Performance monitoring: When is 'good' good enough?

More and more organisations are keeping a close eye on the performance of their IT landscape. After...
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Answers to the 6 most important questions about APM

Many IT managers and project managers worry about the performance of their IT environment. Are...
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A secure and robust cloud migration

The approach to a cloud migration must be with a long-term perspective, it requires a well-thought...
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Think like the National Defence: Be prepared for cyber attacks

In the Danish Defence, it is possible to enlist as a cyber soldier. The mindset behind the...
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