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Inge Vollebregt

Inge Vollebregt

As Marketing Manager at Sentia, Inge translates Sentia's services and products to the market's needs and vice versa. She focuses on communicating Application Performance Management and IT Operations Analytics by providing in-depth communication insights into critical IT-chains to help organizations regain control over their end-users ' IT services.

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Desktop Monitoring: How The Hague City safely returns to office

Colleagues going to the office during the pandemic need a safe place to work. Like many...
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Sabaas and Sentia join forces in SAP cloud migrations on AWS

Sentia, a service provider in the field of hybrid cloud services and digital experience monitoring,...
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Assai Software transfers cloud environment management to Sentia

Software supplier Assai has transferred the management of its Microsoft Azure cloud environment to...
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Lunch & learn: how the Municipality of The Hague uses synthetic monitoring

Municipality of The Hague The goal of the municipal organisation is to provide the best possible...
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Synthetic Transaction Monitoring: incident-free application chains

While the world of technology has given us countless upgrades in life, IT applications and chains...
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Digital Experience Management: more critical than ever

Although IT services can look good from an IT perspective, end-users can still experience it as...
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Increase your business value using digital experience monitoring

Sentia Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) analyses performance and gives you a comprehensive...
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Vodcast: IT people could - and should - be heroes

In this videorecorded podcast (“vodcast”), Marco Gianotten (founder and owner of Giarte) and...
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