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Paper "Managed Detection and Response"

Meeting today's security requirements from markets and government. Digital threats are continuously...
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Paper "Measurement is knowledge"

Good performance is key Software sits at the core of an increasing number of organizations. Sentia...
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E-book "Move beyond compliance"

To ensure that financial service providers and insurance companies get the most out of their IT...
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E-book "Ignite the power of data"

Your organization also has an enormous amount of data. This data provides insights that can be...
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E-book AWS Modern Application

We all know that modern application development, using containers and serverless technologies, can...
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Paper "ISM vs Pyramid S-cloud"

This paper contains an extensive description of our measures to maximize the confidentiality,...
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E-book "Drive innovation by enhancing DevOps with hybrid cloud"

A challenging market means ISVs need to deliver innovative applications to their customers, quickly...
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