Sentia Denmark Public Cloud Landing Zone is here

30 November 2018

lz2Digital transformation is taking the world of business by storm. At the centre of this trend is the need to move IT infrastructure from private cloud or on‐premises hosting to public cloud services, like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. That is why Sentia Denmark has launched ‘Landing Zone’: a framework that allows businesses to move to the public cloud in a simpler way, using technology choices that fit both their strategy and unique business needs.

"Danish companies are among the best to adopt cloud technology in Europe, recent data shows us. Skilled partner companies like Sentia Denmark are crucial to drive this development. They work from an agile setup and mindset, which make time‐to‐market faster and help companies develop new services and move data to the cloud."
- Claus Jul Christiansen, director for Partners & SMB/Corporate Accounts in Microsoft Denmark

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