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The Road to Cloud Optimization

Taking the next step of your cloud journey

You're already running workloads in the cloud, and it is time for you to take the next step. Will more applications follow? Do cloud-native applications need to be developed? Are development and deployment processes aligned with the new infrastructure? Are misconfigurations and poor integrations beginning to hit the surface of your landscape? How can you fine-tune your architecture to take advantage of every benefit available to you in the cloud? With what approach do you gauge the main cloud vendors for upcoming migrations? 

Why attend this Digital Lab?

Join our 30-minute digital lab to explore how you can fulfill your 'Continuous Improvement'- ambition and structurally solve bottlenecks as well as any potential technical obstacles.

In this on-demand webinar, our cloud experts will inspire you towards completing your control span and realize continuous automation, optimization, and innovation. We demonstrate two cloud optimization scenarios and answer frequently asked questions such as:

  • How do you know when your cloud landscape is due for optimization
  • What is the well-architected framework of cloud design
  • The differences between continuous and periodic improvements
  • How to balance the 5 well-architected pillars on top of your business goals

Sentia Digital Lab


Your speaker

Henrik Antonsen

Henrik W. Antonsen
Head of Public Cloud
Sentia Denmark





1. Bottlenecks and gaps
  - Visibility and security impacts
  - Short vs. long term cloud architecture design

2. Understanding the Well-Architected Framework
  - The 5 Pillars defined
  - Azure vs. AWS  - differences and advantages

3. Best practice approach to hybrid cloud optimization
   - Right-sizing, cost optimization & cloud-native
   - Balancing the pillars and aligning to your business goals
   - Use cases