EDC: "We know we've acquired the best solution."

2 July 2019

When 60-70 percent of all purchases of houses begin on the Internet, a real estate chain must rely on its data center solution— something which is possible at EDC.

"We are incredibly dependent on a high uptime on edc.dk because many purchases of houses begin on our website. Therefore, we must have 100 percent confidence in our co-location partner. We know that we have the best and most secure solution at Sentia*, and they deliver - especially during our peak workloads, which is Sunday evening. On this day, many families are looking for their next perfect house purchase," - says Sonny Silva, IT operations manager at EDC. 

In addition to edc.dk, EDC's other website feriepartner.dk, the CRM-system, the basic system 'Domidont,' the intranet, the data warehouse, and the mail solution in EDC run on the servers, which are located in Sentia's data center.
EDC currently has about 200 servers, all of which are virtualized and located at Sentia. Besides, the SAN solution in the real estate chain is distributed in two different locations, and through redundancy, it provides EDC with a very reliable solution. 

A solution matching the need

Through the long-standing collaboration between Sentia and EDC, the relationship has only been affirming - including most recently, when EDC extended the solution to a two-center operation, which is an additional safety measure.
The most important thing for EDC when choosing a hosting provider is price, security, flexibility, reputation, and knowledge of the chain's IT solution.
"I had heard good things about Sentia, which is a big advantage when you evaluate a provider. It was also important for us not to be a small piece of a big puzzle at a big provider. Sentia is doing well to understand our business, workday, and our priorities. If we were to install a data center at this level of quality and security ourselves, it would cost disproportionately much effort and resources. We have tried several different solutions, so we know this solution is the most optimal and cost-efficient based on our requirements," - explains Sonny Silva.

A competitive solution

Previously, EDC had its own data center solution, and in the current co-location solution at Sentia, the equipment is owned by EDC. 
 "We have tried other providers, but what we are particularly pleased about at Sentia is the quality, flexibility, and professional attitude. The technical challenges we face - big and small - are always taken seriously,"- elaborates Sonny Silva.

EDC was founded in 1971. Today EDC has 230 independent stores and approximately 1,200 employees. They cover the entire country and target their efforts, so buyers and sellers achieve the most out of EDC's local knowledge and expertise.

With over 3 million monthly visits, EDC has the industry's most visited site regarding purchases of houses.

*Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S on 18.01.2019

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