Digital Experience Management: more critical than ever

17 August 2021

Although IT services can look good from an IT perspective, end-users can still experience it as ‘slow’, and have a negative digital experience. This in turn, negatively impacts business outcome, as employees will be less productive, consumers will visit the competitors’ webshop and overall satisfaction with your brand drops with all dire consequences.

We can all agree that this digital user experience has become an increased factor of success or failure of any organization. By implementing a Digital Experience Management (DEM) strategy, you can stay (or get back in) control.   


In this whitepaper, we go further into depth on how we think Digital Experience Management should look like in the future. You will learn:

  • What is DEM exactly, and what types of monitoring can be deployed to your benefit?
  • How can you integrate DEM and what are the most common challenges?
  • Practical examples: what can you learn from other organizations such as Ahold Delhaize, Eneco and Van Oord that already use DEM on a daily basis?
  • What gains can be realized by applying DEM? How can your organization start with DEM?

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