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Kenneth Demskov

Kenneth Demskov

Kenneth Demskov is IT security specialist with 25 years of experience from the IT world and has worked with server-, network-, and database operations distributed across a broad spectrum of operating systems, database technologies and types of networking equipment. Certified in Fortinet and Microsoft focusing on design and delivery of security solutions to Danish organizations, Kenneth is specialized within network and endpoint security, advising companies on a daily basis how to secure the right data protection under de-centralized and fragmented security challenges.

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Think like the National Defence: Be prepared for cyber attacks

In the Danish Defence, it is possible to enlist as a cyber soldier. The mindset behind the...
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IT security for remote work: 6 advice for the CIO and employees

The COVID-19 crisis has put IT security to the test. The cyber threat against Danish organizations...
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Reasons why your IT security needs an assessment in 2020

The current threat landscape is not disappearing, and cybercriminals continue to find new...
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Security front: storms are forming

Most company eyes are now looking to the cloud. Meanwhile, a storm of cyberattacks has been...
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Any organization is the target of hacking attempts

Hacking is a professional industry The road to cyberattacks is all about finding the security...
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Checklist: Secure IT Behaviour for Your Employees

The threat from within According to EY, 60% of CIO's named careless or unaware employees as the...
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Five Reasons for Cloud Endpoint Security

In a cloud orientated world, on-premises network security will no longer cut it for organizations....
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Multi-layered Security Defined

Threats evade traditional security barriers On-premises technology becomes overwhelmed by...
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