On-demand webinar: Landing Zone & Cloud Migration

28 July 2020

Getting started with Azure:
Landing Zone & Cloud Migration!

Access the webinar here!

Watch our on-demand webinar about:
Landing Zone & Cloud Migrations on Microsoft Azure

Are you at the beginning of your cloud journey or ready to take the next step? Join our webinar and learn more about our Sentia Landing Zone & Cloud Migrations on Microsoft Azure. 

Everyone experiences different challenges. Sentia offers solutions that can make the journey easier. Our approach with the 5D model is applicable to every organisation and we can embark on your journey and help.

Together with Microsoft, we hosted a webinar about the Sentia Landing Zones and Cloud Migration. Our Azure experts Mirco Wienen (CTO) and Bas de Zeeuw (Cloud System Consultant), will tell you everything you need to know about your cloud journey. 

After this webinar you will: 

  • Understand the Sentia 5D model
  • have learned the benefits of working with the Sentia Managed Landing Zone and infrastructure as code
  • Understand the common cloud transformation pitfalls
  • Have a rough first understanding of the potential challenges specific to your IT landscape 
  • how the public cloud adoption and automation can accelerate innovation

Access the webinar here!

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