TEA SOLUTIONS: A technical setup that matches Umbraco

10 April 2019
Tea Solutions is a web agency that specializes in developing web solutions as websites, e-commerce, online marketing, and apps. Tea Solution has more than 150 Scandinavian customers who contribute to the gazelle company's growth. The growth causes the need for a stable and competent hosting partner, which is crucial in further development.

A standard set of shared values

It was important for Tea Solutions to find a hosting partner with a standard set of shared values to ensure better collaboration.
"As a customer, we appreciate that our hosting provider shares our values. It reflects in a constant focus on delivering the highest quality, competent specialist consulting, flexibility, and prompt response," says Anders Burla Johansen, CEO & owner.

The technical setup matches Umbraco 

Tea Solutions develops new websites in the CMS Platform Umbraco. Therefore it was essential to find a hosting partner whose technical skills and setup matched the hosting of the customers' Umbraco websites.
"We build web solutions in Umbraco, and Sentia* technical setup matches perfectly with hosting our customers' Umbraco websites," explains Anders Burla Johansen.

A good connection between price and quality

In their choice of hosting partner, Tea Solutions emphasized the relationship between price and quality.
"The connection between the operating solution Sentia provides, and the price is neatly balanced. Price and quality must be aligned exactly how it is aligned at Sentia," says Anders Burla Johansen.
* Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S in 2019

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