Webinar recording: Splunkify your SAP environment!

15 April 2021

From ‘black box’ to transparent data source

SAP is thé most powerful ERP system in the world and – with 440,000 customers spread over 180 countries – can call itself market leader within the ERP market. The data within SAP systems is essential for efficient operations, insight into business processes and the right security measures. However, SAP data is almost impossible to extract, which makes correlation, analysis and control based on this data a challenge. With SAP PowerConnect for Splunk this will change; make your Black Box transparent!

A select group of customers (retailers, grid operators and logistic service providers) use the tool SAP PowerConnect to make SAP data visible in Splunk. We organised a webinar on how and why they do this, using three use cases for SAP: Operations, Business Process Monitoring and Security.

The live-webinar recording is now available. 

The webinar

  • About Sentia (former Ymor)
  • Introduction to Splunk
  • Introduction to PowerConnect
  • Use cases:
    • Daily Operations (from a technical perspective)
    • Security and compliance (from a business perspective)
    • Business Process Monitoring (from a customer perspective: unfortunately we are not allowed to share the customer case that was presented.)
  • Live demo

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