SOUNDVENUE: A cloud solution secures the business

1 August 2018
In 2016, Soundvenue chose to invest heavily in their digital business areas where Sentia* provided the virtual environment.
Soundvenue is an artistic media that delivers news, reports, and reviews of music, film, tech, and fashion, respectively, in the magazine Soundvenue and digital on
When Soundvenue invested in their digital business areas, they needed a cloud solution with greater capacity and skills for the exchange of ideas and support in the expanded environment. Sentia helped to meet these needs and goals.
"The number of visitors on has increased steadily lately, and that requires the setup to support it. It is essential the setup is stable and works flawlessly 24/7," says Casper Pilsgaard, Senior Developer at Soundvenue.
In consultation with Sentia, Soundvenue has chosen a solution with a Private Cloud in a redundant setup, where they have the possibility of support and consultancy with Sentia's Linux department.

Why Sentia?

Soundvenue explored several suppliers for the solution but did not find other suppliers in the market with the same openness, flexibility, and strong technical skills as Sentia. At the same time, shared values and good chemistry in the everyday dialogue with Sentia was of great importance for the choice. 
"I contacted Sentia and immediately experienced terrific chemistry with our Account Manager. He was flexible in meeting our requirements, and within a short timeframe, we jointly created the solution that best suited our requirements and needs," says Claus Pilsgaard and continues: "After talking to a few existing customers and partners at Sentia, I was confirmed that Sentia is a reliable and competent provider."

The resources made the difference

However, what mattered to Soundsvenue's choice was the meeting with Sentia's Linux department, where its strong technical skills made the difference.
"For me, it was crucial that Sentia invited me in for a talk with their Linux department. It turned out that their technical skills exceeded my expectations, and it makes me feel completely confident in my choice," elaborates Claus Pilsgaard.
Claus Pilsgaard tells about the future collaboration:
"It is certainly not unthinkable we will have a closer and more extensive collaboration with Sentia in the future. At least we feel safe in the hands of Sentia."
* Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S in 2019

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