Aftermovie 'Software is eating the world!' Seminar

2 July 2019

Many years after that famous quote of Marc Andreessen, we all know now that the shift from a hardware-based to a software-based economy is not a short-term hype. Products and services that were traditionally delivered through other means are now being run on software and delivered as online services, with great financial success.

New software platforms and tools are ironically making the development of yet more disruptive software easier and more accessible than any other time in history, creating a continuous and exponential cycle of development and growth.

During this event we explored the shift to this new world where software is redefining the operating model and companies are continuously seeking to unlock value via digital transformation projects.

We gained insight from our key note speakers about following topics:

Are engineers the managers of the future?

by Johan Kestens, ex CIO ING

Being a CTO of 20 software companies 

Andreas Creten, CEO Madewithlove

The digital journey of RENSON

by Alexander Vanoosthuyse, Architect RENSON

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