Sentia partners up with IT service provider DeLorentz & Partners

20 January 2022

Sentia, service provider in the field of hybrid cloud services and Digital Experience Monitoring, has initiated a partnership with IT service provider DeLorentz & Partners. The two providers want to jointly tackle the IT challenges that are faced by the government, healthcare and non-profit sectors.


More and more organizations in the healthcare sector and elsewhere are saying goodbye to their Citrix solutions and looking for scalable, flexible and secure alternatives. This involves increasingly seeking standard solutions as replacements for costly and complicated customized systems. In addition, the replacement of fixed, physical workplaces by hybrid and flexible workplaces is an important item on the ICT agenda in the mentioned industries. The expertise and experience of Sentia and DeLorentz & Partners combined helps address these challenges and provides support to organizations in their successful (cloud) transformation to the digital workplace.


"DeLorentz & Partners is familiar with cloud infrastructure and consulting as a Managed Service Provider within the SME sector and has its focus on Healthcare, Non-profit and Charities, Private Equity and Pension Funds and Hospitality. Director André van Dam prefers to describe the company as an ICT knowledge organization that is used to providing added value to its clients every day, 24/7.


"Because of its know-how in these markets, this organization can provide us with solid support in trajectories with larger (healthcare) parties. In addition, we can help them by making our cloud expertise, scalability and knowledge and resources available to enterprise companies." says Edwin Kennedy, CCO of Sentia Netherlands.


"Especially in healthcare, it's important that employees can focus on what matters, and not have to deal with complicated IT systems or outdated workstations," says Edwin. "Together with DeLorentz & Partners, we are able to improve the employee experience within the healthcare, government and non-profit sectors by automating manual administrative activities. This ultimately improves the quality of work."


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