Sentia Denmark management reorganisation to strengthen Microsoft partnership

23 November 2018

Jakob Norup moves to a dedicated role as Global Alliance Director, Microsoft at Sentia Group

As a result of Sentia Denmark’s growing influence and their cloud first-strategy, former Managing Director in Sentia Denmark Jakob Norup has been appointed Global Alliance Director of Sentia’s strategic Microsoft partnership and will be responsible for driving cloud initiatives across Sentia Group.

"Together with Microsoft, we see a great potential in leading the way for our clients in the transition to the public cloud where the scaling and innovation potential is much higher. I look forward to being among the first movers on the cloud journey with Microsoft", says Jakob Norup.


Peter Michael Nielsen takes up office as Managing Director of Sentia Denmark

Peter M. Nielsen, former Deputy Managing Director of Sentia Denmark, takes over the role from Jakob Norup as Managing Director of Sentia Denmark. Under his management, the focus will be the continued consolidation and integration of a unified organisational culture based on Sentia’s leading principles.

"My top objective is to help our customers optimise their business today while they reinvent their industry tomorrow guided by our talented cloud experts - customer satisfaction comes from motivated employees who never stops self-developing."

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