Sentia first place in the Emerce 100 Managed Hosting category

19 May 2017

Last Friday, the latest Emerce 100 was published, a special yearly edition produced by Emerce. This publication reviews the performance of service providers working in the field of online marketing, ICT and e-business over the past year. This year, Sentia takes first place in the list of companies that have managed hosting as their specialty.

To come to the best possible view of the market, a survey was conducted by research firm Motivaction. The results of this were enriched with other relevant market data. For some time now, The Emerce 100 has no longer been limited to just 100 companies. This year, the total was just under 478. The reason for this is the ever increasing number of specialists and providers in the e-business market, which calls for a more detailed analysis. 

The research is conducted on a 7-point scale, with the maximum being seven stars. Sentia earned a substantial lead over its competitors. Paul van der Marck notes about this achievement;

A great performance, driven by the commitment of our teams and our technology. We monitor the complete website chain, putting continuity and quality at the forefront. By going this extra mile, it is our aim to always make a difference. In addition, the optimal partnerships with digital agencies such as TamTam, Deloitte Digital and Incentro, definitely contributes to the success of a number of our customers - Paul van der Marck, Commercial Director Sentia

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