Sentia enters partnership with Google

27 August 2020

New certification strengthens Sentia's position as a challenger to key players in multi- and hybrid cloud solutions.

Sentia has achieved the Google Cloud Partner certification and is now working with the three largest cloud providers in the market for multi- and hybrid cloud solutions. Sentia already was one of the few Managed Cloud Service Providers (MSPs) in Europe certified as both Amazon Web Services Managed Service Provider and Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider. Now, the Google certification is added to that.

The choice for Google Cloud stems from a growing market demand, where Google is seen as a serious alternative to AWS and Microsoft Azure. Recent research by Equinix also shows that the interest in multicloud is growing extremely fast in the Netherlands. Almost 30% of the respondents see the introduction of a multicloud approach as a priority for 2020. Last year this was only 3%.

Migrating the complete application landscape

Not only the adoption of (public) cloud is growing. Sentia also sees that more and more companies are migrating their entire application landscape to the cloud, where it used to be just one - or a few -applications. In recent years, Sentia has helped several companies, including Stedin, Allshare and Objectif Lune, to design and implement their cloud strategy. Sentia's 5-D model was at the heart of these large-scale migration processes, determining the right transformation strategy for each application at each stage of the lifecycle.

"The partnership with Google allows us to guide customers even better during the next step in their cloud journey: we can now serve customers from the full breadth of the market, providing each customer with the right public cloud - or multiple public clouds - for their business-critical applications," said Mirco Wienen, CTO of Sentia.


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