Sentia Denmarks datacenter aquired by Penta Infra

14 June 2021
Sentia's data center in Smedeland, Glostrup, is acquired by the international data center provider Penta Infra.

As part of streamlining the business and offering the best customer experience, Sentia has decided to sell its data center in Smedeland, Glostrup, to the Dutch company Penta Infra. The acquisition is the result of a comprehensive process in finding the right partner to continue with Sentia's data center services.

Penta Infra is a leading data center provider for the European hub and edge markets. With a large network of data centers in the Netherlands and Germany, Penta aims to offer the best locations in Europe and is now entering the Danish market. Penta Infra's high level of professionalism and proven track record of state-of-the-art data centers are among the reasons why Sentia has decided to join the strategic partnership.


Entering the mutually beneficial partnership will allow Penta Infra to deliver state-of-the-art data center solutions to the Danish market and Sentia to release resources to focus more intensively on its core business within cloud services, application control, and consulting.


"Operating a datacenter is not Sentia's core business. Therefore, we have decided to divest this line of business and forge a partnership with Penta Infra, who has the right capabilities for and focus on running a datacenter." - Jakob Høholdt, Managing Director, Sentia Denmark. 

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