Sentia appoints a new CCO for the Netherlands

22 February 2021

Sentia, a service provider in the field of hybrid cloud services and application management, has appointed Edwin Kennedy as Chief Commercial Officer for the Netherlands. Kennedy has extensive experience in optimizing commercial activities within companies, ranging from small startups to large corporates. In the coming years, he will shape the growth of Sentia Netherlands and further deepen customer relations.

Edwin has worked in senior sales positions at a variety of organizations, including Intrasurance, HCL Technologies, Capgemini and Datacenter Group. For Kennedy, one reason for moving over to Sentia was the struggle he saw in various organizations: "Many companies are in the process of cloud migrations, but struggle with the setup, transition and management of their (hybrid) cloud environment. They need advice on which cloud suits them best and an understanding of how they can undergo the process as smartly as possible. Sentia's technological knowledge and practical expertise in the field of 'any cloud' matches up perfectly with the questions I encountered in the market." says Kennedy.

"There are brilliant people working within Sentia, who hold extensive responsibility for the management of clients’ business-critical platforms," says Kennedy. "It’s therefore vital that we continue to focus on empowering these people and keep the organization as flat as possible to maintain its rapid growth. I don't know of any other party in the market, with hundreds of employees, across three countries, that still manages to have a true startup mentality. It’s important that we build on this mentality. For many customers, it’s a key reason for choosing us."

Rick van Schaik, CEO of Sentia Netherlands: "We are experiencing strong growth in Sentia Netherlands and are no longer a 'new kid on the block'. This relates to the fact that we are mature enough to handle large migrations and optimize environments, but still able to work pragmatically and pivot quickly. We are very happy to announce that Edwin has been appointed to guide our accelerating growth."

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