Security and uptime are crucial for the telecom company 3

11 October 2017

For the company 3, even momentary website or billing system downtime entails significant financial consequences. At the same time, it is of the utmost importance data is stored securely and adequately, which requires considerable operational resources of 3's IT systems.

The secure operation and maximum performance are core values 3 were looking for in a new external supplier for the service of their IT. With Sentia* as the new partner, they received far more than that. 3 reduced storage and energy costs with a flexible solution that can be upgraded at short notice to secure competitiveness at all times.

"Our focus is to offer customers the best mobile solutions on the market. Therefore, it makes sense the operation of our IT is managed by an external supplier who has the necessary expertise. In this regard, we have chosen Sentia as a partner," - explains Johnny Rask, Head of IT Security & Business Optimization.

A good dialogue provides peace of mind

Functional technology alone is insufficient. Customer-provider dialogue is essential and is an area that 3 values and emphasizes the new collaboration with Sentia.

"Day-to-day, Sentia is extremely competent, very flexible, and easy to work within d. We have established all-round good communication - both with the sales department, the engineers, and our project manager, which provides us peace of mind and assurance that our IT operations are in great hands with Sentia," - says Johnny Rask.

Flexible solution 

3 has chosen the solution Managed Cloud with a dedicated Oracle environment to ensure maximum performance and availability. Sentia is responsible for the daily operation of the servers as well as firewall and backup.

In addition to reducing storage and power costs, 3 can upgrade the solution quickly, as the cloud environment is highly scalable. In this way, 3 has secured strong competitiveness in a constantly evolving market.

"Customer service and security are important to us, as it gives us peace of mind to focus on our business. We are rapidly growing, and therefore we greatly appreciate the flexibility and ongoing consultancy we receive from Sentia,"- explains Johnny Rask.

3 offers mobile telephony and mobile broadband in Denmark. The combination of 3's award-winning 3G network and lightning-fast 4G / LTE network ensures that Danes have access to future networks - today. In Denmark 3 is part of Hi3G Access, which has mobile licenses in Denmark and Sweden.

 *Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S on 18.01.2019

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