Ruben van der Zwan new CTO Sentia Group

11 May 2021

Sentia has appointed Ruben van der Zwan Chief Technology Officer of Sentia Group. Sentia helps organisations in their digital transformation through the deployment of cloud technology, digital experience management and application management. In his new role, Van der Zwan will be responsible for Sentia's technology roadmap and portfolio and product management in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

For the past two years, Van der Zwan has been working at Sentia as Global Director of Infrastructure. In this function, he focused on backbone modernisation, data consolidation, and expansion of the Sentia Cloud. Until 2017, Van der Zwan worked as CTO at Amsio, which was acquired by Sentia in 2017.

The cloud market is changing at a very fast pace, and the move to the cloud is happening faster than most people think. Van der Zwan is convinced that the socalled SaaSification of the IT landscape is a given. The question, therefore, is no longer whether an organisation should migrate to the cloud, but when it should do so. Working from home having become the 'new normal', the IT chain is increasingly complex to secure. "I think it's great that the Sentia portfolio not only enables us to manage business-critical IT solutions, but it also allows us to provide optimal transparency with regards to its functioning and the digital experience that results from it," says Van der Zwan.

"In my role as CTO, it is important to identify technological opportunities that help us make a difference together with customers. But technology alone is not enough," Van der Zwan continues. "Our distinctive strength lies in the combination of seizing these technological opportunities and the commitment and determination of our staff. I look forward to taking on this new challenge with the team."

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