Public Cloud Monitoring "The why and the how"

11 January 2021

Public Cloud monitoring

Cloud is hot. A growing number of organizations are moving their infrastructure from an on-premise environment to the (public) cloud. As a result, organizations must handle an increasingly dynamic, more complex setup. 

Grip and control 

In such a dynamic (public) cloud environment, the infrastructure can change continuously: new servers are added and removed automatically, and new services can be rolled out at the push of a button. How does this impact the end user? If problems occur: how can you find the cause in a landscape thats delivered and managed by different parties? 

In short: a firm grip and good control mechanisms are needed in areas such as stability, performance and security. Organizations must therefore delve into the (im)possibilities surrounding public cloud monitoring.   

What will you learn from this Sentia whitepaper?

This whitepaper brings you deeper into the 'why' and 'how' of public cloud monitoring. Firstly, we will discuss the challenges of managing a public cloud environment and define cloud monitoring. We will explain why the starting point must be end-to-end supply chain monitoring and will take a look at the relevant monitoring solutions out there. You will learn what steps can be taken to maintain control of your own landscape. Finally, a number of relevant trends will be discussed. 

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