Paper "Measurement is knowledge"

10 March 2020

Good performance is key

Software sits at the core of an increasing number of organizations. Sentia designs hybrid cloud architectures for such organizations and actively brings applications to the cloud. Sentia also handles the complete management of the cloud environment, ensuring the ongoing security and optimal performance of applications and data. IT performance monitoring is therefore an important element. With the acquisition of Ymor, Sentia has brought performance specialists on board from the Benelux and Scandinavia, enabling Sentia to provide the right tools to keep a handle on your IT Performance.

From components to chains

A good IT performance is of vital importance. When a disruption occurs, or even downtime, there is an immediate, major impact on your organization, both financially and in terms of image. In order to determine exactly where IT is malfunctioning and why, organizations generally set up some form of monitoring. Because to measure is to know... isn't it? Nevertheless, incidents are still the rule rather than the exception, and they result in overtime and sleepless nights for the IT department. A key cause of this is the tendency of companies to monitor individual components or applications, rather than mapping out the entire chain.

Does your organization also experience IT problems? Do suppliers, employees and the IT department continue to blame each other, with all being unaware of where the core of the problem lies? Then end-to-end chain monitoring offers a solution.

After reading our E-book, you will know:

The most important performance challenges faced by IT Managers and Project Managers
How NS (Dutch Railroads), the Municipality of Amsterdam and Eneco measure performance and achieve quantifiable results
The advantages of chain monitoring

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