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What is the Sentia Landing Zones Console?

IT developments follow each other in rapid succession, as do new products and solutions. This section briefly explains what a...

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NoOps simply doesn’t exist - or does it?

It sounds like music to every IT manager's ears: a cloud infrastructure, automated in such a way that administrators no longe...

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New priorities for CIOs: performance monitoring and the public cloud

This year, many organizations - forced by the corona crisis - are undergoing an accelerated digital transformation. It’s beco...

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The importance of cloud certification for a next-gen MSP

More and more organizations are considering running parts of, or even their entire infrastructure of applications and process...

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Paper "End-to-end insight into all your processes with SAP powerconnect"

How do you use your most critical IT system as a data source for end-to-end insights? Make the black box transparent.   The b...

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IT and the business go for gold together at Eneco

Eneco, former Ymor customer Ymor has been working with Eneco for years now. Our services began with targeted performance moni...

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On-demand webinar: Featuring AWS and Sentia

Well-Architected Blueprints: Built to the highest standards - deployed many times Background The AWS Well-Architected Framewo...

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On-demand webinar: Landing Zone & Cloud Migration

Getting started with Azure: Landing Zone & Cloud Migration! Watch our on-demand webinar about: Landing Zone & Cloud Migration...

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