Sentia Denmark's new ISAE 3402 type 2 report available

18 February 2019

To validate a high level of quality in our services, independent auditors annually review our processes and controls resulting in an ISAE3402 type 2 report. An approved report requires Sentia Denmark to document quality focus and workflows.

And so, the independent auditor’s report on general IT controls in relation to the operations of Sentia Denmark’s hosting activities is now live.

Demonstrating our IT compliance and data governance, along with our accordance to regulations and international standards of IT services, the report covers 2018 and is without any remarks within the scope of the report and the controls based on the ISO 27002 standard.

Exemplifying our IT best practices and fulfilment of regulations, the auditor’s express admiration for our setup, procedures and dedication to uphold a high level of compliance.

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What is ISAE 3402?

ISAE 3402 is an assurance standard and stands for ‘International Standard for Assurance Engagements’. An external auditor report on the provider’s internal quality controls. The auditor controls the provider’s descriptions, design and operation of controls related to the described objectives in a report. In ISAE 3402, auditor reports are classified as either Type I or Type II:

  • ISAE type 1. An outline of the organization's controls
  • ISAE type 2. Shows the effectiveness of controls since the implementation

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The quality of Sentia Denmark’s work is acknowledged by our certifications ISO 27001, 14001, 9001, NEN 7510 and ISAE 3402.

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