MOFIBO: "A hosting partner who understands our challenges."

10 November 2017

"Throughout the partnership, Sentia* has provided the necessary IT operations, service, and flexible attitude to help quickly, which is crucial to us," – says Peter Tving Jensen, Head of IT development at Mofibo.

Flexible and secure operations to support growth 

Mofibo has, in a short time, become Denmark's most well-known supplier of e-books, and every reader expects to receive a positive experience. Readers often use the service on-the-go, in the evenings, on weekends and holidays, so a secure, stable operation with fast response time 24/7 is a necessity.
“Our customers make use of our services 24/7, so we need a hosting partner who not only provides operations on weekdays from 9-17 but at all hours of the day. At the same time, we have been growing rapidly, continuously improving and developing our platform. Therefore, our hosting partner must be able to respond quickly and continuously to meet our requirements. We have been pleased with the choice of Sentia* as they offer secure operations 24/7 with fast response time and a flexible approach to operations," - says Peter Tving, Head of IT Development at Mofibo.
“Many of our customers need to run mission-critical infrastructure 24/7, and we have provided hosting for many start-up companies over the years. We know about the challenges and how important it is to provide a good and fast service,” says Nicki Bjerg from Sentia.

Flexibility ensures the potential for growth 

Trust, reliability, and flexibility are the keywords for new and fast-growing companies, and Sentia ensures that a customer’s specific solution is not locked-in. Customers are navigating in complex markets where needs can change with short notice, and it requires flexible and agile solutions.
Sentia provides a managed cloud solution to Mofibo with data backup and MPLS fiber connection to Mofibo's headquarters in Copenhagen. The fiber connectivity has a high capacity and can be upgraded at short notice so Mofibo can safely and quietly expand with new employees without any bottlenecks in the network. The direct fiber connection guarantees that Mofibo's employees can access their systems safely and quickly in Sentia.
“Flexibility and uptime are key parameters for our business, and Sentia has a sensible approach to IT operations and service-minded employees, which we appreciate. In our situation, it is important to have a partner who understands our needs and can support our continued growth." - concludes Peter Tving. 

Mofibo was founded in 2013 and is Denmark's leading supplier of e-books. About 50 percent of all fiction e-books in Denmark are read through Mofibo.

*Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S in 2019

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