MICROCOM: Cloud hosting that provides flexibility

1 September 2019

Since the establishment in 1983, the national company Microcom ApS supplied the retail industry with IT solutions, specializing in in-store systems. Today, like back then, Microcom's IT-based point of sale terminal system 'EasyPOS' is the primary product focus on the company.


Solid and close collaboration

As Microcom's dynamic environment was characterized by new customers being created continuously with many changes, it was important for Microcom to have an agile managed service provider who could respond quickly and efficiently.
"We were pleased that we chose Sentia* as a cloud partner, as they are incredibly flexible and always ready to help us with various inquiries. Besides, they have talented Microsoft engineers that our IT operations manager can consult with, which is of great value to us," - says Niels Thomasson, CEO of Microcom. 
The excellent collaboration has, among others, been contributory to Kaufmann choosing a convenient solution for their servers, which Microcom manages with Sentia as a subcontractor. 

Focus on the essentials

Microcom came from a server environment with physical servers but decided to migrate to virtual servers by choosing a cloud solution at Sentia. Besides, Microcom wanted to let Sentia manage the operation of their Microsoft servers through the OS to avoid the basic operating tasks.

"Cloud provides us the flexibility to scale up capacity as we over time need it. And as Sentia manages the server operations, we can concentrate on EasyPOS, which, after all, is the core of our business," - elaborates Niels Thomasson.


Sentia provides Microcom with a Microsoft-based managed cloud solution, including backup and firewall.

­­­­­­­Microcom is a specialist in developing and delivering original point-of-sale and in-store systems. The IT-based point of sale terminal system EasyPOS is the primary focus at Microcom. The system has been developed further over the years, so today, it is an advanced and functional total solution, specially designed for non-food businesses in the retail industry.

Microcom's customer portfolio includes large retail chains such as Kaufmann and individual stores such as Bindesbøl.

*Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S in 2019

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