Paper "Managed Detection and Response"

18 May 2020

Meeting today's security requirements from markets and government.

Digital threats are continuously evolving and organisations are struggling to keep their defences up. As any Security Officer will confirm, today’s Security mindset is therefore to assume that your defences will be breached at some point in time. Hence, organisations are extending their existing preventative measures with detection and even response measures.

Meanwhile, the Europe-wide legislation puts heavy penalties on personal information data breaches (called the General Data Protection Regulation: GDPR)

Are you sure that you can consistently meet the security demands of your business, users, and the government?

And are you convinced that your current security measures are sufficient for this purpose?

After reading this paper you'll know:

The information security playfield and 24/7 detection of threads in real-time
Managed Security Service and High-end detection
The trusted partner and ensure your compliance

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