Aeven Group appoints Mads Jakobsen as Chief Executive Officer in Sentia

3 May 2024

Chief Delivery Officer in Aeven, Mads Jakobsen, is inserted as CEO in Sentia, replacing Jakob Høholdt. The change is part of a planned growth strategy, which was initiated in September 2023, when Aeven announced the acquisition of Sentia

In connection with the approval of Aeven's acquisition of Sentia, the two companies have been looking to consolidate the two companies. As part of this, Aeven's CDO, Mads Jakobsen, joins Sentia as CEO. He brings with him vast and broad experience from his many years of work in the IT industry.

"We're inserting one of our best people to bring Sentia closer to Aeven, so that together we can deliver services of the highest quality and strengthen our presence in the segment for small and medium-sized companies,"
Henrik Bodskov, CEO i Aeven 

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