Lunch & learn: how the Municipality of The Hague uses synthetic monitoring

19 October 2021

Municipality of The Hague

The goal of the municipal organisation is to provide the best possible service to citizens and companies, whether this via a call centre, the website or the physical counter. In all cases, the IT organisation forms the backbone: it is responsible for properly functioning systems so that the end-user (the citizen or employee) can arrange his affairs efficiently and to his satisfaction.


Performance challenges 

After some performance challenges in 2015, the then CIO decided that the digital experience had to be prioritised: a Digital Experience Monitoring project was initiated. This made the Municipality of The Hague a pioneer in its market: business-critical IT chains have since been monitored 24/7 with synthetic monitoring, not only in terms of technical components, but from an end-user's perspective.

On-demand Lunch & Learn session

Recently, we organised a Lunch & Learn session in which René de Vosprogramme manager at the Municipality of The Hague, explained how and why they use synthetic monitoring within the landscape; what you need to look out for in such projects; and what results they achieve. The recording of this session is now available.


Download the session and learn how... 

  • objective performance figures opened the conversation about the quality of IT;
  • the Apdex (industry standard for performance measurements) is used to determine the quality of IT services;
  • synthetic monitoring has helped improve the digital experience;
  • important it is to take people and processes into account in a Digital Experience Monitoring strategy;
  • you can take the step from reactive to proactive IT management.

Download the recording

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