Halloumi true 'Infrastructure as code'

31 July 2017

Halloumi is key to our operational excellence. Halloumi encompasses the whole of tools and measures that we leverage to our deliver Managed Public Cloud Services. Although actual code (such as that which Halloumi uses) indeed is an important element, it does require careful alignment of all four elements to be really successful.

Halloumi: built for operational excellence
The native Infra-as-Code bridges of both AWS and Microsoft work great – but will scale only up to a certain point. If an environment would grow substantially in complexity, or if one would try to manage an increasing number of environments, things will get increasingly complicated.

This is one of the reasons that Sentia has built Halloumi. It adds an additional management layer over the ‘vanilla’ CloudFormation templates and abstracts many of the code maintenance and usage tasks. It thus allows us to manage the large and growing numbers of customer environments with ease.


Our customers' business benefits:

  • Cost-efficient: the costs of Halloumi are spread over all customers
  • Agile and effective: no steep learning curve or many first-time mistakes. By linking into Halloumi, you’ll step into a fully matured cloud management environment;
  • Efficiency and reliability by outsourcing to AWS environment
  • Halloumi enables reducing time to market while improving quality

Our customers' technical benefits:

  • Halloumi introduces a high degree of standardisation due to its use of existing, preapproved building blocks. This means that any engineer can easily understand the specifics of an environment built by someone else, so that environments are very easily handed over between engineers:
  • This helps significantly simplify one’s development efforts (e.g. peer code reviews take much less time);
  • And simplifies operational activities such as trouble-shooting and working in shifts / covering for someone on leave;
  • Halloumi’s added abstraction layer enables us to deliver intricate, fully tailored solutions quickly, again using preapproved and tested building blocks that ensure stability and reliability.

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