Giarte's Outsourcing Performance 2017: 100% score for Sentia

12 October 2016

In the Outsourcing Performance survey Giarte looks at how outsourcing organisations experience the relationship with service providers. This information is compiled in the 2017 Outsourcing Performance Yearbook, which this year is themed Breakthrough. Since 2002, Giarte has organised the ‘Outsourcing Performance Benchmark’ - the largest independent research on IT outsourcing in the Benelux. At the Outsourcing Performance Day in Bussum on October 11th 2016, all the results were announced. An Outsourcing Recommendation Score of 100% gives Sentia a top position within outsourcing providers in the Benelux.

This is the second time Sentia has participated in this study, which was assessed by a total of 28 client organisations. Assessments were all made in the Infrastructure Management domain. A valuation of the relationship with a service provider forms the basis for this study, whereby in addition to evaluating the technical solution, great emphasis is placed on the quality of this relationship. Within these organisations, several managers were interviewed in order to arrive at the total scores.

In addition to the quantitative information arising from the interviews, an array of qualitative information also came up. Most notably, the very high quality of service that is experienced. A satisfactory, customer centric approach, the commitment of the Sentia team, and clarity of communication were all mentioned several times.

At Sentia everything is focused on convenience, simplicity and collaborative thinking with the client. That really is a breath of fresh air - Giarte Outsourcing Performance 2017

Sentia’s strong development over the past year has also been assessed positively. Due to the organization's growth, its adaptive capacity has increased and may be even more responsive to the needs of client’s complex projects. This means it's easier to scale and its flexibility has further increased. Synergies are also clearly observed in the form of simplifying and improving processes and perfecting the customer experience.

Overall, a very positive result, which reflects their confidence in the path Sentia is taking. Sentia can take pride in how customers express such an appreciation, and in all Sentians who work every day to deliver the best possible result.

We warmly thank our customers for placing their trust in us and our Sentians for their efforts in making this possible!

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