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The Cloud Strategy Cookbook (2021)



Companies are shifting their focus to private, public and hybrid cloud. Whether you're at the start of your cloud journey or if you've already entirely embraced the modern workplace, a fundamental aspect of a futureproof business is a strong cloud strategy.

A strong cloud strategy is fully comprehensive. It connects day-to-day business to IT implementation to the long-term corporate goals. It helps answer the "what" and "why" in decisions regarding the cloud infrastructure. But how do you make sure to include all necessary components?

In this research report, Gartner gathered learnings and successes from an extensive client base to create the ultimate "Cloud Strategy Cookbook". This essential template helps create a cloud strategy that's ready for the future.

Learn from the recommendations of Gartner

I&O leaders responsible for cloud strategy as part of their cloud and edge infrastructure should:
  • "Make it a living document that provides a concise view on the role of cloud computing in your organization.
  • Align your cloud strategy with other strategic plans (for example, those for data center, security and architecture). Do so by communicating and negotiating with all stakeholders.
  • Plan for your cloud strategy to be the launching point for all subsequent cloud activities, such as architecture, assessment, migration and operations. Achieve this by keeping those activities in mind when devising your cloud strategy.
  • Safeguard your organization from any potential problems if you subsequently withdraw from the cloud by including an exit strategy that describes the dependencies and choices involved in cloud computing."


Gartner The Cloud Strategy Cookbook, 2021, published 17 February 2021, by analyst David Smith.



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