FOA: Scalable, compliant and reliable Sitecore operations

14 November 2017

Cohaesio - a part of Sentia Denmark was selected due to their solid competency, especially within Sitecore and Windows operations. It is essential to us that our operational partner also are experts in Sitecore.
- Christian Olsen, IT Architect

Operational partner through 15 years

The collaboration between FOA and Cohaesio – a part of Sentia Denmark dates back 15 years where the operational responsibility of was assigned. The website serves all of FOA’s members who use it for crucial information search.

Since 2011, Cohaesio – a part of Sentia Denmark have had the operational responsibility of FOA’s unemployment fund solution. The purpose of the solution was to increase the self-service among members while providing services and managing cases in a more easier and faster way. In IT, FOA wanted to consolidate the number of hosting providers regarding the operational side of their member-targeted solutions:

"We wanted to gather our member-facing operations along with the resources members can access to via our website at Cohaesio – a part of Sentia Denmark as the single provider. Something, which we have had success with. It’s good when everything is stable.”, says Christian Olsen, IT Architect at FOA responsible for and the web solution for unemployment funding at FOA.


Redundant solution perfect for change management

FOA has now received a solution, which on the recommendation of Cohaesio – a part of Sentia Denmark, is built for redundancy. And it works perfectly with changes:
“Together with Cohaesio – a part of Sentia Denmark, we have developed a fully replicated and smooth solution for making greater changes and other initiatives. As when we in 2016 changed for a new login solution.”, says Christian Olsen. The replicated solution means that it is possible for FOA to make changes and switch between the two replicated environments without members noticing.
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