FK DISTRIBUTION: IT Operations partner with significant CMS expertise

20 July 2018

FK Distribution is Denmark's most extensive private distribution company of advertising material, and in 2014, they needed a managed infrastructure provider. They were facing the launch of their digital 'No-Thank-You+' solution, where the customers choose the specific advertising material they need. The solution required CMS expertise FK Distribution was not able to provide.

Well-functioning cooperation

In FK Distribution, the future managed service provider needed to understand their business and growth goals and maintain ongoing frequent and close communications. Sentia* met the expectations, so it was natural for FK Distribution to choose Sentia as the managed service provider.
"Sentia is always ready to find solutions tailored to our business, which meets our expectations. They are approachable and service-minded, think long term, and have incredibly sharp technical skills," - says Michael Christensen, IT operations manager in FK distribution.
In addition to the financial aspects, it was crucial for FabricAir that the chosen managed service provider could unlock high reliability. FabricAir is in several locations worldwide, which means it is essential for the business to have access to the business-critical systems 24/7.

Security and fast response times are a top priority

There is a lot of activity on the FK Distribution website daily, which translates into high workload demands. The platform must be stable and reliable with fast response times and high availability all around the clock. Hence, FK Distribution's customers receive a fair and unproblematic experience every time customers visit the site.
The security was also highly emphasized in FK Distribution's choice of Sentia as a partner.
"To achieve optimal security, we desired to separate our internal and external IT environment. With the separation, it made sense to use an external partner for the 'No-Thank-You+' solution. Sentia has a high-performance and secure platform, and with their experience in CMS operations, there is no doubt that we feel in safe hands," - elaborates Michael Christensen.


FK Distribution's solution consists of managed private cloud with operational responsibility up to and including application layers (Sitecore) with associated infrastructure including servers, storage, network, backup, firewall, and security services as antivirus and anti-DDoS. Backup data has been located to a secondary data center to ensure redundancy in that production data and backup data are located at separate sites.

FK Distribution is Denmark's most extensive private distribution company within consumer contact through household distribution and digital solutions. Through their many diverse products, they help businesses connect with consumers wherever they are, whether online or offline, to benefit consumers and businesses.

*Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S in 2019

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