FABRIC AIR: A cost-effective and reliable solution

1 November 2018

FabricAir designs and provides textile ducts for air distribution for ventilation and is based in Denmark and has departments in Denmark, Norway, England, Italy, Spain, China, Lithuania, and the USA.

A financially sound and reliable solution

During the negotiations with Sentia*, it was important for FabricAir to minimize variable costs. FabricAir, therefore, chose to pursue a colocation strategy where servers and equipment can be rented at Sentia at a fixed monthly price.
Besides, FabricAir avoided substantial installation costs, and instead of investing in storage, FabricAir rents capacity at Sentia, ensuring a flexible settlement model.
"It gives us a great deal of flexibility to rent in Sentias storage, rather than having to invest in it ourselves. We only pay for what we use,"- says Martin Hedegaard Larsen, IT Manager at FabricAir.
In addition to the financial aspects, it was crucial for FabricAir that the chosen managed service provider could unlock high reliability. FabricAir is in several locations worldwide, which means it is essential for the business to have access to the business-critical systems 24/7.
"Sentia provides stable operation 24/7, which is very important as we are an international company working in different time zones," - explains Martin Hedegaard Larsen.

Why Sentia?

Martin Hedegaard Larsen, IT Manager at FabricAir, previously collaborated with Sentia. After searching in the market for the financial aspects, he was in no doubt that it should be Sentia once again to provide colocation, servers, and storage to support FabricAir's IT infrastructure.
"We chose Sentia as they provide secure operation, flexibility, reasonable prices and, not at least, excellent service," - concludes Martin Hedegaard Larsen.

FabricAir designs and supplies textile systems for the distribution of air for ventilation, and has experienced high international demand for its textile-based pipe systems and has offices in seven countries worldwide.

*Netgroup was acquired by Sentia Denmark A/S on 18.01.2019

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