E-Supplies: The end-customer feels the difference

12 December 2017

Paradigm shift with total outsourcing

With 7 mio transactions a day and a very high amount of critical data we needed a partner to tailor a secure system and ensure smooth operations - always. We never lost data or had any issues with our setup at Sentia.
- Christian Grubak, CTO & Partner

Without providing internet and e-commerce for high profiled customers such as Copenhagen Zoo, TDC and G4S, e-supplies also helps Gates Foundation with keeping control of the billions of dollars in funding for scientists all over the world. In the beginning, e-supplies hosted their own solution with the responsibility of backup but the rising demands for systems and know-how led to a paradigm shift:
"We chose to outsource all IT to Sentia who both had the necessary technology and the knowledge we needed. We got the necessary lift by using Sentia as machine and competency centre and at the same time converting a series of fixed costs to variable", says Christian.
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