Paper "End-to-end insight into all your processes with SAP powerconnect"

31 July 2020

How do you use your most critical IT system as a data source for end-to-end insights? Make the black box transparent.


The black box

SAP is the most powerful ERP system in the world and – with its 440,000 clients spread over 180 countries – can call itself market leader within the ERP market. By way of illustration, around 77% of all global financial transactions involve a SAP system somewhere in the process. It therefore goes without saying that SAP is an indispensable data source for gaining insight into the course of these business processes. However, in addition to being ‘indispensable’, SAP data is often inaccessible or incompatible with other data sources. You can now change this with the SAP PowerConnect software.


After reading this paper you know:

How your most critical IT system will become your number one data source for real-time analysis, advanced cross-sections and clear reports. 
The three most common use cases of the SAP PowerConnect software: for SAP Operations, Security and Business Process Monitoring.

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